Men's Shampoo Bars: 10 Awesome Benefits of Switching to a Bar Shampoo

Tired of the same old shampoo?

It might get the job done, but does it leave your hair, beard, and skin feeling silky smooth, looking gorgeous, and smelling irresistible?

If not, meet your new best friend— the men’s shampoo bar. Perhaps you’ve never tried natural shampoo bars, but they use all-natural ingredients to leave you clean, refreshed, and ready to face the day.

Read on to learn the top benefits of switching to shampoo bars— you might be surprised by what they can do!

1. Organic

Ditch the cheap grocery store shampoos, laden with harsh and unnecessary chemicals. They can be rough on your scalp and dry out your hair, hardly what you want when you’re trying to look your best.

Instead, make the switch to organic shampoo bars. Created by artisan soap crafters, our shampoo bars contain only the best essential oils and are made with organic and all-natural ingredients.

Your body is a temple, and that includes your luscious locks. Treat your hair with the care it deserves and only use premium products for your skin and hair.

You won’t even need to use a separate conditioner, as all of our shampoo bars have built-in conditioning ingredients.

2. Strong But Soothing Smells

You want to smell your best, but certainly don’t want to be the guy with overpowering cologne when you walk into a room.

A shampoo bar can give you just the smell you want, and nothing you don’t want. For a pick-me-up, try the Mint Condition Shampoo Bar, packed with peppermint, eucalyptus, and rosemary.

Or, when you’re ready to call it a day, relax with the Chill Out Shampoo Bar. It’s made from avocado oil, which will help condition, and calming natural ingredients such as lemongrass, patchouli, and tea tree.

Our shampoo bars are designed to soothe, energize or calm, using only natural fragrances and scents found in nature. You’ll love their masculine, but subtle smells.

3. Have a Small Bathroom? Save Space

Bathrooms are prime real estate, and often already chock-full of other soaps, cleaning products, or a sprawling range of beauty products used by our better half.

If you’re making the most out of a small apartment and bathroom, save space with a shampoo bar. Similar in size to a traditional bar of soap, they take up far less space than bulky shampoo bottles.

Plus, you can see when you’re running low, as the bar is there in your shower. Anyone who’s ever been tricked by an empty shampoo bottle and left without any shampoo once they’re in the shower can probably relate.

4. This Men’s Shampoo Bar is Eco-Friendly

Unfortunately, plastic packaging waste is a huge problem in the US. Each year, landfills receive over 26 million tons of plastic, which often comes from product packaging.

Ditch the plastic shampoo bottles and make the change to the shampoo bar. No plastic is used at all in our shampoo bars and the minimal amount of packages we use is completely biodegradable.

It’s a small but important thing you can do to help the planet, and we think looking after the environment is pretty cool. By using shampoo bars, you’re directly reducing your plastic consumption, resulting in less waste.

We’re proud to produce an organic shampoo that doesn’t harm the planet, is made from sustainable materials, and comes in eco-friendly packaging. 

5. Long-Lasting

Talk about value for money—a shampoo bar lasts as long as 2-3 bottles of shampoo. Cut down on shopping trips and stock up on shampoo bars, providing long-lasting companionship for your shower.

Even with frequent use, we bet you’ll be surprised by just how long each bar of solid shampoo will last.

Longer lasting products mean you save dough, and purchasing a shampoo bar means fewer plastic shampoo bottles in the world.

6. Travel Like A Jetsetter

You may not have a private jet, but you can still cruise through the TSA lines at the airport like a boss by avoiding taking any liquids on board.

It’s a frustrating rule that we can only bring travel-sized liquids onboard planes, especially if you’re traveling with only carry-on. Generally, this means a quick trip to the store once you arrive at your destination, or making do with the impossibly small and overly fragrant mini-soaps in hotels.

Pack your solid shampoo bar and not only will travel be simpler, but you’ll also avoid any spills or leaks, a common occurrence when flying. It’s small and compact enough to tuck into any overnight bag, and it will never make a mess of your suitcase or get you in trouble with airline security.

Stay clean and smell your best wherever you are, from Baltimore to Bangkok.

7. Fight Dandruff and Look Your Best

There’s not much more embarrassing than noticing dandruff on your shirt, whether you’re in a meeting with your boss or on a first date.

Dandruff and flaky, dry scalp happens to all of us from time to time, but it can seriously knock around your confidence. If you’re concerned about the dreaded white flakes on a dark shirt, try out natural shampoo bars, specifically Last Call Shampoo Bar.

Made from jojoba oil, which fights dandruff and moisturizes your scalp, helping to reduce dandruff. Plus, it smells like cedarwood and pine, so what’s not to like?

Commercial shampoos, loaded with chemicals and preservatives, can also cause flakiness by drying out your skin or causing irritation. Don’t put your delicate skin at risk, especially if you’ve suffered from allergies or sensitive skin in the past.

All-natural shampoo bars are safe for all types of skin, even if your skin is frequently dry or itchy.

8. Have a Beard? We’ve Got You Covered

If you’re sporting a beard or facial hair, congratulations— we bet you are one stylish man.

But how do you care for your beard? In addition to regular trimming and brushing, your beard needs washing too.

However, you can skip the overpriced beard creams, since shampoo bars are perfect for your facial hair as well.

When you wash your beard, you also want to wash and moisturize the skin underneath, so use a natural, organic shampoo bar that works just as well on facial hair as it does on your scalp. Harsh shampoos shouldn’t be used on beards, as they can irritate your skin.

Save time and money by working up a double lather with the best bar shampoo you can buy— it’ll leave both your beautiful curls and your bushy beard looking clean, feeling good, and smelling fine.

Not only that, but your shampoo bar also works perfectly as a body wash, so it’s your one-stop-shop for cleanliness. Ditch the other shower products, as your shampoo bar will be all you need.

9. Men Need Awesome Shampoo Too

If you’re ever walked down the shampoo aisle at a pharmacy, you’ve probably noticed one thing— if there’s one group that the beauty industry caters to, it’s women.

Pinks, pastels, fruity and floral scents are everywhere. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

But what if you don’t want to smell like a coconut or a daisy? Men need some shampoo-loving as well, which can be hard to find.

Our shampoo bars are designed to cater to an often-ignored market— men’s shampoo. We give you simple, easy to use, high-quality products. 

Place your shampoo bar order and never worry about finding the right shampoo again. Plus, they make great gifts for your dad or your mates—as long as you don’t mind if they smell like you.

10. Save Your Money for the Finer Things

Looking your best doesn’t need to cost the earth. In fact, it shouldn’t.

We’ve priced our shampoo bars to be as affordable as possible, offering a premium product at a reasonable price.

If you’re a man who likes planning ahead, we also offer our shampoo bars in packs of three or six, at substantial savings compared to an individual purchase. We’re proud to offer a product that’s accessible and wallet-friendly.

Save your money for things that matter the most— craft beer, a new flat screen, or that fishing trip you’ve been planning for months.

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Hair and skincare don’t need to be complicated, so make the change today to shampoo bars and see what you’ve been missing. It’s an uncomplicated, honest product, so you really can’t get it wrong.

We look forward to hearing what you think about our organic shampoo bars or the awesome things you can accomplish when you’re feeling fresh and looking good!

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