About Us

Have you seen all the cool soaps and shampoos they make for women?

It's awesome stuff. Except it's made for ... women. And it might have pressed flowers in it. Or sparkles. Which is great if, well, if you're into pressed flowers and sparkles.

At the Grown Ass Man Co., we thought that men should get a little bit of the cool stuff, too.

So we've started with shampoo bars that are just big hunks of solid shampoo. Simple in form, simple of thought - like us.

But those deceptively simple, solid bars hold complexity and quality. Rich conditioning oils, essential oils, and ingredients with strong, manly scents that give you a damn fine clean and a rich, luxuriant lather that leaves your hair and you feeling and smelling good. (We've been told from time to time we need to work on the smelling good part, so this is a plus.)

For our first round of Grown Ass Man Co. products, we've crafted three different formulas built to get you going in the morning, help you chill out after a long day, or give you a second wind to head back out again and conquer the world (or the local bar - sometimes we confuse the two).

Try us out, tell us what you think (we can take it), and sign up for our mailing list so you can be the first to know about what we launch next.