Shampoo Bars: What's the Big Deal, Anyway?

It lasts longer than liquid shampoo (1 bar = 2.5 bottles), no landfill impact, packed with essential oils that you don't get in grocery store shampoo that not only give you a great head of hair but also condition your scalp, a key for healthy hair. 

It is a soap, but it's made with an ingredient deck that make it ideal for hair - part of that is the conditioning oils in the bar, and part of it is that is made with ingredients that produce a LOT of lather, much more than regular soap. Lather is key for shampoo since it needs to work its way in and around all those hairs to be effective. 

Our bars lather up super well!

It's the first visceral reaction people have when using it. They're expecting regular soap lather, which is very light. GAMCo. bars create a big, thick lather. 

They also tone down some of the hard cleansing/scrubbing powers of regularsoap. Harsher cleansing can be helpful for skin (exfoliation), but isn't as good for hair - it can strip it.

Also ... no chemicals, all natural, all good for you ... all that good stuff. 

And our bars also were made with much stronger scents than normal because they are targeted at guys and guys aren't subtle. 

Oh, and you use it buy just rubbing it on your head. Simple. You can lather to your hands first, but it actually works best straight on your head. 

Other things we've heard from customers:

Some like it because they only need to have one thing in the shower (don't have to have soap AND shampoo), some like how it makes the bathroom smell (especially when it's just opened - you will notice it), and others have reported how they like it much better than regular shampoo for beards, etc., because of the oils we use. 

Honeestly, based on the depth of oils we use in these, they are great for skin - typically we'll hear that when used as body bars that people feel like they moisturized, where their normal soap dries them out some. That makes sense given the ingredients deck and the way it is tilted towards hair (lather and condition) rather than "regular soap," which tilts more towards cleansing power. 

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