The OG Variety 3-Pack with Free Villains Of Hemp Bar!

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Villains of Hemp Scent

Our shampoo bars are just big hunks of solid shampoo.

MINT CONDITION: Because kicking ass in your job means getting up way too early, Mint Condition starts with a bracing peppermint scent to get you moving. Olive oil to condition your hair without leaving it too heavy, and the Holy Man Hair Trinity of rosemary, peppermint, and eucalyptus oil to get improve scalp circulation and get blood flowing to your manly noggin.

CHILL OUT YOU’VE EARNED IT: Strong but soothing scents. Mowed the lawn? Dug some post holes? Chopped some kindling? Clean up with our Chill Out Shampoo Bar. Avocado oil to bring your hair back to life, and the soothing combination of lemongrass, tea tree, and patchouli to help you wind down.

LAST CALL: Get your second wind and hit the town Saturday night. Strong cedarwood and pine smells because manly men smell like trees. Jojoba oil to fix split ends, repair your hair and leave it resplendent. And the dynamic duo of jojoba and cassia oil to really moisturize your scalp and fight dandruff.

AND NOW! Try out one of our new Villains of Hemp Body Bars!

Heisenbar: This bar is pure soap, nothing bad for you in it - that's what gives it it's blue, transluscent coloring. Made with Comfrey Mint & Spearmint essential oils, it's perfect for getting squeaky clean after a long day of.. cooking...

First Rule: We don't like to talk about this soap, but it smells so good, we'll break our own rules! We made this bar with Pine & Fir essential oils, making it a great mood booster and perfect for sore muscles and joints!

Soap Finger: This gold bar is worth its weight in real gold! The grapefruit essential oils in this bar are great for improving your skin's texture and boosting your mood in the morning! - Featuring Grown Ass Man Co. Shampoo Bars
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